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IFPTE Local 70 Statement on the Overtime Rule

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Local 70 Urges Employers to adequately compensate employers for working overtime and "comply" with the DOL Overtime Rule.

WASHINGTON DC - December 1 should mark the implementation of the DOL’s Overtime Final Rule. This rule would raise the salaries of millions of workers by increasing the threshold of eligibility for overtime pay to $47,476. This threshold has only been updated once in the past 40 years, and then to just $23,665, less than the poverty threshold for a family of four.

However, a TX district court judge issued an injunction to halt implementation of the rule on November 22, 2016. While there is little basis for the decision, the rule will not be implemented for the moment and the fate of the Overtime Rule remains up in the air. However, it is clear that forced overtime without pay is a practice that takes advantage of workers and a practice that must stop.

As a union of workers in non-profits, Local 70 recognizes the challenges faced by organizations that rely on foundations and small donors to keep their doors open. At the same time, a number of Local 70 members and employers worked countless hours in support of the enactment of this rule and believe in the fundamental right that workers be adequately compensated for working overtime. As such, several Local 70 employers plan to act in the spirit of the rule and either raise wages above the threshold or pay overtime to those employees who fall below it and work more than 40 hours a week. As well, many other companies such as WalMart and TJMaxx have decided to comply despite the injunction. Local 70 urges non-profits to do the same and continue to show leadership on this issue by implementing the Overtime Rule as soon as possible.


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